When it comes to exploring beautiful Perth and area,
why not do so by bike?

Cycling will take you through some of the most scenic spots in and around Perth. An increasing number of cyclists are finding their way to the Perth area road rides, tours, trail riding and special cycling events.

A number of mapped bicycle routes provide cyclists with a route that will take them through scenic landscapes and into welcoming towns along the way.

20 Perth Cycling Trails & 5 Perth Cycling Courses

Perth Public Washrooms & Hours

Free WiFi Hot Spots in Perth

PARKING:   Downtown Parking Lot Map


Perth & District Hospital:
Great War Memorial Hospital
33 Drummond Street West
Perth, ON K7H 2K1
Hospital Maps, Directions & Parking

Perth is almost at the mid-point between Ottawa and Kingston, so it;s a good place to plan a stopover, either for a rest or to spend the night.

Perth is an very beautiful town that sits on the banks of the Tay River. It has many historic stone buildings and is the tourist hub for this region. It is reasonably large, yet quite easy to get around downtown by foot.

Cycling in Perth and Area - Past & Present: by David Taylor

Lanark County Cycling Maps

Bicycle Safety - Ministry of Transportation: Cycling Guides, What is a bicycle? Licence and registration, Rules of the road, Riding on the right, Where you can ride, Bike helmets, Bicycle safety resources, Frequently Asked Questions, New One-Metre Passing Law.

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