Perth Museum Panoramas.
Perth Museum.

Owned and operated by the Town of Perth, the Museum provides a comprehensive booklet for a self-guided tour. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour of the museum, and then come to Perth and visit the real historic archive.

Each Panorama opens in a new browser window. Use the horizontal "Scroll Bar" at bottom of window to view the panorama. When finished, close the new window.

The Dining Room - The dining room was used for the family and formal dining.  Food from the Kitchen was passed through to this room on toles(tin platters).  The food was then transfered to the good serving dishes.  One of the unique methods for retaining warmth in the food was a china platter with a built-in food warmer.  The french doors on the far wall lead to the garden.

Library/Parlour - This room represents the transition period in the home's history. This room was only used by the family.  No visitors were allowed with the exceptions of the doctor and the minister. The door on the far wall behing the settee is original to the house.  The small room where the office is today, was originally the sickroom(on the main floor for easy access by the doctor). The room was also used for those guests who could not ascend the stairs.

1840's Kitchen - Restored in 1986-87, the Kitchen is part of the original c1830 house.  The kitchen was the busiest and warmest room in the house.  The fireplace blazed all day long as meals were prepared.  The baking was done outside in two beehive ovens. Most of the artifacts are 1840 or prior, with the exception of the replicas(the Sampler and some pieces of china).  Most of the artifacts are from Perth and the surrounding area. At the museum each artifact is provided with a detailed description.

Drawing Room - The Drawing Room has been restored to the 1840's and is one of the greatest treasures of the Perth Museum.  All the architectural elements remain intact.  The six windows are complete with casings and inside shutters.  The fireplace surround has its original fireboard.  The complete ensemble constitutes one of the finest drawing rooms in Eastern Ontario.

Third Floor Gallery - A collection of churns, mammoth cheese display, cheese press, treadle for churn, anasazi pottery, baby carriage, invention display, sewing machines, minerals, stauchion, model of blacksmith shop, quern, curling stone, iron coffee grinder, c1900 bicycle, pistols from the last fatal duel, etc. are just some of the many historical items waiting for you to visit.

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