Barter Central Ontario
50 Trenton-Frankford Rd.
Trenton, ON   K8V 5P6

or call 613.394.5464

Latitude:  44.1188914
(N 44o 7' 8.01")

Longitude:  -77.5966807
(W 77o 35' 48.05")

"Improve Cash Flow - Develop New Business
Eliminate Old Inventory

Keep Your Cash - use your goods and services to acquire supplies, professional services and advertise your business.

Increase Profitability - eliminate old or excess inventory at 100% retail value.

Eliminate Wasted Time - use barter to turn downtime into profits, services and merchandise you need or want.

Grow Your Business - barter provides access to goods and services around the world.

Utilize Tax Advantages - barter dollars are income to your business. Certain expenses are tax deductible. You receive monthly statements of your account, just like a bank statement.

Reward Valuable Customers and Employees - use barter to give away gift certificates for dinners, pizzas, paid vacations, theatre, ball games, etc.

Barter Central Ontario, a partner in the world's premier Global Trade Alliance, gives you the resources you need to build your bottom line.

Why Barter Central Ontario?
Barter is most effective when there is a strong Manager incharge.

Stephen Harrison owns and Manages Barter Central Ontario. Since 1987, Stephen has worked in the Barter Industry, and working for several exchanges Stephen has established the reputation, network, and managerial skills to make your barter experience satisfying and profitable.

Barter Central Ontario is not only networked locally in Ontario, but nationally and globally to secure the items and services you need and want.

Get the Benefits You Deserve: Increase your buying power with revenue from new sales and conserve your cash. Use your new found revenue to pay for the...

Connect, Network, Trade and Grow: Sell excess inventory, capacity or production to a new market of buyers locally & worldwide. Then, trade for the Product...

Getting started is as easy as an email or a phone call 1-877-994-5464
or Call 613.394.5464
. Stephen will contact you directly to answer any questions and ensure a smooth sign-up.

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